There Are No Jobs. Really? Here are 2,500

Every day on the news I hear about the huge unemployment rate in America. Right now unemployment is at 8.9 percent, which some people consider better.

But people are still losing their homes, people cannot feed their families, and people who are interviewed say they are desperate for a job. Last night, one man even said he has been looking for a sales job for over a year. Really?

We Have Jobs At Data Genesis. 2,500 Sales Positions Are Available.

We have an immediate need for 2,500 sales people. The only challenge? Too many people want a comfort zone.

Data Genesis’ Independent Business Managers (IBMs) comprise most of our sales force. If you ask any of them, they have one of the best jobs in America. They have no bosses. They set their own hours. They can work anywhere in the nation. They wear what they want. They make no investment to get started. They all have the potential to earn a six-figure income.

Our sales team is in the business of providing payment processing solutions to merchants — solutions that are in the merchant’s best interest. Specifically, we are in the business of helping merchants grow their businesses and prosper.

So why haven’t we filled all 2,500 positions? I ask myself that question all the time. The only answer I can come up with is that people would rather live in a state of financial desperation than do something that makes them get out of their comfort zone.

Most People Are Afraid Of Personal Responsibility.

It’s sad but true. FEAR (false evidence appearing real) is often more painful for people than living a life of despair, with little or no hope of an abundant financial future. And this fear prevents many people from accepting a position because, some say, “I need a job with a guaranteed income.”

Some of them tell me this even when they’ve already accepted a job without guaranteed income — their job has become finding a job. Some people have been in the job finding business for more than a year, and they still won’t take a job without “guaranteed” income.

But even before they made a job out of finding a job, they still never had a “guaranteed” income. If it was guaranteed, then they would have never landed in the unemployment line. Meanwhile, the merchant services industry grew during the worst recession in 100 years.

What I Used To Do Before Moving To Merchant Services.

Among the many jobs I’ve held over the years; I’ve coached self-help authors, success coaches, and their teams. All of them say the same thing over and over again — you have to break through the fear and go for it. It doesn’t really matter what that fear is.

Some of the most common fears people have are; fear of being judged, fear of rejection, fear of failure, and even fear of success. I’ve experienced those feelings too, it’s not very painful. Most of the successful people I’ve met have had those feelings now and again, they will pass. Lack of action, on the other hand — that won’t pass.

And, that is my point. There is no such thing as failure. There are only results. One of my many mentors in life was a man named Dr. Ben Max. He was one of the most brilliant people I’ve ever known and I learned a lot from him. Dr. Max always liked to tell me that “many people have the right aim in life, but only a few will pull the trigger.”

I wonder how many people would be employed tomorrow if they just pulled the trigger instead of being afraid their aim is off. You won’t really know unless you try. And, the way I see it, the worst thing that would happen is you would meet more merchants.