How Secure is Your Processor?

The recent data breach of Target customers has once again brought data security to the forefront.Thetechnology used to obtain the data fromTarget was also used to breach Home Depot and can be purchased online for the cost of going out for a nice diner and show, making it possible for any cyber criminalto intercept data from an unprotected merchant.The Bank Card Industry has responded by developing stronger means of protection, making it more difficult to “hack” information from a terminal or to use a stolen or fraudulent credit card.

The newer technology helps the merchant protect their customer’s data at the transaction level through the entire processing network.This technology is available from most reputable Merchant Services Providers.

Have you thought about the measures your current Merchant Services Provider is taking to protect your personal information? Merchants must complete a Merchant Processing Application (MPA) in order to accept credit cards. The MPA contains the merchant’s personal and confidential information as required by the Payment ProcessingIndustry. What everyone is notaware of is how that information is being protected.

I’m always concerned with giving my personal information to businesses where my sensitive information will be stored in a file cabinet. That means my data iseasily accessible to anyone who has access to the officeduring orafter hours. Identity thieves are more diligent at stealing high value information than most merchants or processors are at protecting it.

I believe Data Genesis is the most secure processor in America. I say thatbecause wehave developed aninfrastructure to safeguard all data atevery leveloriginating at the time we receive your signed Merchant Processing Agreement at the corporateoffice —from your place of business through the entire processing network. While other processors offer a level of safety at the point of sale and at the platform level, Data Genesis takes it a step beyond to safeguard our merchant’s personal data. Keeping in mind that as a merchant you are our customer, it’s important to protect your own data as well as the data received from your customers.

In the last two years we have converted to a private cloud with high security protocols for all data including merchant, administrative and financial in undisclosed data centers around the United States.Breaching our company offices will yield no data of any value to cyberand property criminals. Our administrative and management team members have monitors, keyboards, and scannersbut no hard drives for local data storage. An integral part of the Data Genesis Security Policy is to not even disclose the physical locations of our data security centers.We take security very seriously.

Merchants are responsible for protecting their customers’data at the point of sale and when sending that data to their processor whether using a filing cabinet, phone line, Ethernet port, Bluetooth or wireless connection. Recent Card Brand changes are now shifting liability for charge back claims related to fraud to merchants who have not taken the steps to invest insecure point of sale technology, and for merchants who fail to follow standard security protocols set forth by the PCI Security Standards Council.

We urge you to take the time to research what you can do as a merchant to ensure you are operating as securely as possible and invest in the latest technology now before you become the next breached victim. Data Genesis can assist with implementing a set of Security Protocols based on your business model. If you have concerns about your data security, please contact your local representative or contact Data Genesis Corporation at 855-295-8500.