McNair & Associates

Certified Public Accountants

McNair & Associates is a full service certified public accounting firm located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their expertise extends to tax preparation, compilation and review of financial statements, auditing, estate, forensic, litigation services and support, business valuation, management advisory and financial planning services.

McNair’s clients range from individuals to major corporations, trusts, estates and charitable organizations. A diverse practice the firm supports is forensic accounting, which uses accounting skills to analyze and present financial information in fraud and embezzlement investigations from actual or anticipated disputes or litigation. The term “forensic” means suitable for use in a court of law.

Management and Professional

Staff Sharon J. McNair, CPA, CFE, FACDEI, CFF
President and Managing Officer

Larry C. Apple, CPA
Professional Staff Manager

mcnair_associatesGloria P. Hadarly, CPA, CVA
Business Valuation and Services Manager

Donald E. Nauss, Jr., CPA
Estates and Trusts

Amy J. Billey, MBA
Professional Staff Member

Peter Beloshitski
Professional Staff Member