About Us

Data Genesis is a premier payment processing company nationally headquartered in Henderson, Nevada. We offer a wide range of payment processing solutions to merchants of all sizes throughout North America. The cornerstones of our success are customer service and know-how.

The Payment Processing Industry is evolving faster than ever. More changes are made in a single year than previously would be over the course of a decade. New pricing structures, technology and regulations necessitate partnering with a payment processor with the capability of changing with the times. Data Genesis provides our merchants and family of partners with the latest tools and resources to be competitive today and remain competitive in the future.

The Data Genesis culture is based on a never-ending pursuit of excellence. Excellence in market leadership, customer service, ethics and technology has positioned us as one of today’s most respected players in the Industry.

We began just a few years ago with a folding table and a phone. Today our reach extends from main street retailers to major corporations and large government contractors. Our success has not caused us to forget where we started. When you call our customer service, you will never have to navigate a gauntlet of voice response choices. During business hours our Relationship Managers still answer the phone in person ― a policy we don’t intend to change.

Data Genesis has extended our services and solutions to a family of Partners, including Registered ISOs, financial institutions and technology based value added resellers. We invite you to experience the Data Genesis difference. With passion, integrity and purpose, our company will continue to succeed, and extending our beliefs to our family of partners allows them to enjoy the same rewards.