Check Acceptance Programs

To meet customers’ demands, merchants need to support the acceptance of multiple forms of payments. Accepting checks as one of these forms is often a problem.

Data Genesis™ has a solution to decrease this risk with several proven Check Acceptance Programs.

Electronic Acceptance

  • No Paper Checks, No Deposits, No Returns
  • Guarantee the Face Value of Check
  • Check is Converted to Electronic Transaction
  • Cash Flow Increases
  • Reduce or Eliminate Certain Bank Fees
  • Eliminate Debits for Returned Checks (face value & service fee)
  • Protect Customers’ Personal Information

Additional Programs

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

This program is geared toward merchants (e.g. physicians) who receive a large volume of checks from “known” senders (e.g. insurance companies). Accepting checks via RDC carries less risk and offers a significantly discounted processing rate.

Lock Box Payment Service

Lock Box is a practical solution for merchants who receive paper checks by mail or checks that are deposited in a locked box at specific locations.

Telephone Electronic Check Transfer

Accept checks and process them over the telephone. This service enables merchants to fulfill orders faster and accept orders from customers who do not have credit cards.

Mail Order

This service is applicable for merchants who are comfortable with their customers and agree to accept the check by mail. This program offers Check Guarantee or Verification.

Hold Check

Hold Check is a program exclusive to New or Used Automobile Dealerships where all checks for payment are collected at the same time, but deposited at agreed upon intervals. Electronic Conversion is not available with this program.

Internet Check Acceptance

This program is designed for Internet merchants whose customers prefer an alternative form of payment to credit or debit cards.