Compensation Plan

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Download Comprehensive Policies and Procedures and Compensation Plan Document (PDF)

The Data Genesis Compensation Plan (the “Compensation Plan”) is a breakthrough compensation structure designed to allow the average person to achieve financial freedom by simply following our blueprint for success.

The Compensation Plan pays up to or greater than 100% of the amount available for distribution to the sales force.  Data Genesis is able to do this based on allocating the distribution of up to 50% or more (due to bonuses) of all net income in the retail portion of the Compensation Plan and up to 50% of all net residuals received on merchant accounts through our exclusive and proprietary MARC™ distribution program. This type of compensation plan is often referred to as a 100% compensation plan because all funds allocated for distribution are distributed to the sales force.

There are four ways to earn compensation including seven powerful bonus programs:

1. Personal Merchant Acquisitions (PMAs)

Data Genesis is an acquirer of merchant accounts in the Electronic Transactions Industry (also referred to as the Payment Processing Industry).  Independent Business Managers (IBMs) acquire merchants for their personal portfolio and recruit and train other IBMs to do the same.  PMAs are the basic building blocks for receiving commissions in the Compensation Plan.  Acquiring a merchant and leasing a modernized terminal is a Smart PMA.  Acquiring a merchant without a change of equipment is a Program PMA. Smart PMAs qualify for Go Now and Double Go Now Bonuses.

2. Go Now and Double Go Now Bonuses

IBMs are rewarded for taking immediate action with the Go Now and Double Go Now Bonus Programs.  Go Now Bonuses pay an additional 25% on the amount distributed and Double Go Now Bonuses pay an additional 50% on the amount distributed on Smart PMAs.

3. Multi-Affiliate Residual Compensation (MARC)™

Data Genesis is proud to be the pioneer of MARC™, a breakthrough compensation structure that leverages payment processing residuals to effectively create residual income on residual income, a financial concept never before accomplished.  MARC™ is paid on Group Residual Volume (GRV) generated in the IBM’s Nexus up to eight generations deep.  All the members in the IBM’s personal organization are referred to as the IBM Nexus.

4. STAR, LEADER and Global Bonus Pools

Bonus pools insure that all funds available for distribution are paid to the sales force.  Unlike virtually every other Compensation Plan, with Data Genesis funds allocated for distribution never flow back to the company. The STAR and LEADER Bonus programs virtually eliminate hidden breakage, which is how many companies keep commissions earned by the sales force.  The Global Bonus Pool rewards the highest achievers with a 2% bonus on all of the MARC™ allocated for distribution.  The Global Bonus is in excess of the funds allocated for distribution.  For complete details, please refer to the Comprehensive Policies & Procedures and Compensation Plan Document (PDF).

MARC Distributions by Rank

Group Residual Volume (“GRV”) through 8 levels of pay controls the number of levels IBMs are paid on. IBM Executives earn 75% of the amount distributed on PMAs (i.e. 75% of the 50% distributed). Dynamic Residual Compression and the STAR and LEADER bonus programs insure up to 100% of the funds available for distribution are paid to the sales force.

An IBM earns a title (highest achieved rank) in the Data Genesis Compensation Plan and these are retained.  Titles are never lost but replaced with a higher title as the IBM advances. MARC™ payments are made based on the IBM’s qualifying rank. Minimum monthly qualifications of 2 PMAs must be achieved each month to get paid at a specific rank.