Genesis of MARC

A cornerstone of the Data Genesis Compensation Plan is the ability to earn substantial immediate income. There is no upfront investment, no products to buy or inventory to stock. As an Independent Business Manager (IBM) you simply help merchants increase their bottom line and share the opportunity with others.

The foundation of Data Genesis’ financial opportunity is leverage. Financial experts often tout residual income as the best way to create wealth. The development of our breakthrough compensation paradigm, Multi-Affiliate Residual Compensation (MARC) leverages payment processing residuals. Combining leverage with residual compensation effectively creates residual income on residual income.

Immediate income generated from acquiring merchants is enhanced by the STAR and Go Now Bonus Programs. For example the STAR Bonus distributes fifty-percent (50%) of undistributed MARC ratably to the top ten-percent (10%) of eligible IBMs. This is especially advantageous for new IBMs whose main focus is to acquire merchants and generate personal sales. Building your merchant portfolio and helping your team do the same compounds Group Residual Volume (GRV) and can multiply long-term income.

Why Partner With Data Genesis?

The Data Genesis Compensation Plan is a significant departure from traditional compensation plans because all funds available for distribution are distributed to the sales force through the use of Dynamic Residual Compression and multiple bonus programs.

Dynamic Residual Compression should not be confused with “roll-up” and “compression,” which many other marketing plans offer. Dynamic Residual Compression virtually eliminates the practice of the company keeping the “breakage”, which is the secret way most companies keep commissions earned by the sales force.

Additional Benefits

  • Get started at your own pace with our exclusive Amnesty Program.
  • Our Sabbatical Program allows vacations up to six months.
  • Monthly qualifications are modest and achievable.