Merchant Testimonials

Data Genesis is proud to service merchants nationwide and our international expansion is imminent. This month we are featuring correspondence from a few of our merchants.

I was told I could write a brief letter of recommendation if I was satisfied with your service. I’ve been with Data Genesis* (formally First Interstate Bancard) for several months. So far, I have no complaints. Everything is working as advertised!!! I’m finding a savings on my monthly statement, customer service is very good and the local representative has been a blessing! I‘ve never had anyone so attentive to my concerns. My rates were adjusted several times until the promised savings were actually acquired! Therefore, I do recommend Data Genesis* to anyone interested in personal service and significant savings over any other company. Please feel free to contact me to discuss this further. I’m always open to meeting fellow entrepreneurs. Good luck with your business.


The Jacqueline Shoppe

I changed merchant services companies several times in the last six years. I told you I would never change again. There were too many problems and not enough savings. I remember when you said, “Give me a chance and I’ll make it your last stop.” Well, I gave it one more try and Data Genesis* (formally First Interstate Bancard) is the BEST merchant services provider I’ve ever been with. Everything is finally working as planned. The statements are easy to read, the service is good, and the savings are real. You summed it up best when you said, “You can give the money to the bank or you can put the money back into your pocket.” It’s an easy decision. Thanks again.


Hamburg Honda

We switched to Data Genesis* (formally First Interstate Bancard) as our credit card processor approximately one year ago, and I am very pleased that we did so. Mark was extremely helpful with the entire change-over process (which I always dread), and we have seen substantial savings with his company as a result. We travel to a lot of trade shows throughout the country and, therefore, we have needed to speak with their technicians about the various equipment setups, and they have always been knowledgeable and able to get us up and going without any problems.

I would definitely recommend Mark and Data Genesis* for your credit card processing needs. The savings and customer service are great!


The Stagecoach West

Our Company changed to Data Genesis* (formally First Interstate Bancard) for credit card and gift card processing in April, 2009 and we have never looked back! The previous vendor left us disappointed and frustrated with high costs and poor customer service. In these economic times, businesses are always looking for ways to reduce expenses without sacrificing customer service.

Mark promised us excellent customer service and cost savings and he has delivered on his promise. If we run into a problem, which is rare, Mark is readily available and if he doesn’t know the answer to the question, he will refer us to the appropriate customer service division. Incidentally, the customer service representatives for Data Genesis* are helpful and knowledgeable.

I would not hesitate to recommend Data Genesis* and Mark to any business!


Harley Davidson

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Steve took ownership of my credit card company process, and showed me alternatives. The results of his work save me money every month. He provides me with answers whenever I have a question about my processing, and provides me with great service.


Tom Sabatino,
T.C. Rose Company

Steve analyzed our expenditures for Credit Card processing and discovered we were paying a much higher rate than we had to. He explained, in detail, all of the options we had and what he could do to save our organization us some money. He also alerted us to the rules and regs of being in compliance with federal laws. Working with Steve was a simple process and we are happy with the outcome.


Tracey Lukasik,
Town of Tonawanda Chamber of Commerce

I have been in business for 10 years with the same credit card processor and never gave it a second thought until I met Mark of Data Genesis* (formally First Interstate Bancard).
Mark met with me several times before I truly understood what kind of money I could be saving with his company. During the past 10 years, we never had our account serviced much less reviewed for savings. Mark came in and within the first month of processing with his company, we saw a substantial savings. Also, dealing with customer service is no longer a nightmare. Mark’s co-workers are pleasant and efficient, a nice change to what we were used to.
Data Genesis* has truly lived up to everything they promised and I would highly recommend them.


Mattress FIRM

We have done business with John Romano and First Interstate Bancard (now known as Data Genesis) since September 2008. The customer service that we have received has been outstanding. John makes an effort to stop by the store to check in, keeps us up-to-date with an changes that may have occurred and looks over our account to make certain we are getting the best rates.

We would definitely recommend that you use John Romano for your credit card processing.

Wendy L. Miller
Ski World