World Marketing Network

Company Profile Success Starts Here! World Marketing Network is a premier, full service marketing and business advisory firm. At World Marketing Network we are relentlessly driven to accelerate the growth of our clients by giving them access to a wide … Continue reading

Boardwalk Attractions

Boardwalk Attractions provides carnivals and attractions to events throughout the Hampton Roads area in Virginia. Boardwalk features a wide variety of exciting rides and attractions for the young, old, meek, and adventurous. Rides are complimented with an array of exciting … Continue reading

The Prison of Mediocrity

Mediocrity is all around us. It is a world-wide epidemic affecting individuals, enterprises and organizations. Indeed, mediocrity is ubiquitous. I believe mediocrity is a prison that entraps people and steals dreams.It’s the one prison where breaking out is the right … Continue reading

Major Enterprise Division

Data Genesis has partnered with a team of professionals to offer enterprise level merchants a coordinated solution for most the common industry products and services. Bundling a merchant’s key services promotes a more cost effective strategy for cost containment. Key … Continue reading

How Secure is Your Processor?

The recent data breach of Target customers has once again brought data security to the forefront.Thetechnology used to obtain the data fromTarget was also used to breach Home Depot and can be purchased online for the cost of going out … Continue reading