Next Day Funding

Timely cash flow is critical in any business. You depend on having access to your funds to keep your business running smoothly. Receiving funds from settled batched transactions as quickly as possible, without additional cost is important.

Data Genesis will discuss the various platforms, front-end cutoff times and ultimate Automated Clearing House (ACH) deposit options with you. We will assist you in choosing the best automatic batch time to optimize deposits into your bank account.



  • 2–4 day delayed funding costs you money.
  • Some Merchant Service Providers fund certain card brands (Visa®, MasterCard®) transactions one day and other brands (Discover®, American Express®) another.
  • Matching batch totals with bank deposits is difficult.
  • Some Merchant Service Providers want to charge you extra for next day funding services.
  • Certain Merchant Service Providers want you to switch bank accounts to receive next day funding.


  • Data Genesis™ offers Next Day Funding to most merchants.
  • We deposit all batched transactions for all card brands at the same time, including Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® and American Express®.
  • Next day funding isn’t an “option” you select and pay extra for — it’s standard!
  • You aren’t required to change your bank account.
  • With Data Genesis’ full acquiring status, you benefit from fast, easy, secure enhanced cash flow.