Business Opportunity

Data Genesis is a characterization of the American Dream. It’s a business model based on helping small business owners reduce their cost of doing business without sacrificing the quality of service.
Data Genesis is about creating value and sharing values with others.

Streamlined pricing and outstanding customer service have enabled Data Genesis to achieve one of the highest client retention rates in the Payment Processing Industry. This is a major factor that directly impacts your ability to create a substantial income.

More than three years of research and development have gone into Data Genesis’ breakthrough compensation plan. This plan allows independent sales professionals to achieve financial success without doing so at the merchant’s expense.

Acquiring Merchant Accounts

Merchant approval rates with Data Genesis are among the highest in the Industry. Approval to install turnaround time from submission is typically within two business days.

IBMs have the option of using a faxable Merchant Processing Application & Agreement (MPA) or completing an online MPA through our secure site.

Products, Tools & Services

Data Genesis offers multiple payment processing options and products to virtually any type of merchant. We give merchants the ability to accept all major credit card brands, checks and gift cards. Through relationships with many third party vendors we offer your customers the best selection of services and products in the Industry. Click on our Merchant Services tab for additional details.

Working with a potential new merchant to achieve a better understanding of their business develops a strong business relationship. Our Merchant Assessment Matrix tool helps you customize a pricing structure and platform to best suit the needs of your merchants. The matrix is available in printable form or online submission on our website.

Customer service to you and your merchants is a high priority with Data Genesis. We will work with you as a team member to accomplish your goals.

Financial Management

You will have access to your personal merchant portfolio through our secure 24/7 password protected virtual office. Our proprietary MARC Tracking System provides the necessary tools to manage your IBM Nexus.

Education and Training

Continuing education is a cornerstone of the Data Genesis opportunity. Whether you have previous experience in this Industry or are changing careers your knowledge is a driving force to your success.

Classes are presented by experts in the Payment Processing Industry, sales and team development. All of our trainers have several years of directly related experience.

The Data Genesis business model requires both personal knowledge and the ability to replicate your knowledge to others. Our philosophy is you cannot teach what you do not know and you cannot lead where you will not go. More than just knowledge, we teach our IBMs leadership. This is a key element in the Data Genesis program because partnering with us is not a job―it’s a career specifically designed to create financial independence.

Continuing Education Programs

  • Start-Up Navigator Program
  • Leader Line Training
  • Live Teleconferences
  • 24/7 IBM Training Center
  • Coaching Hotline

Online Resources

Our independent sales partners have access to print forms and documents on the website in the password protected management portal.

You need to change with the times to survive; you need to change AHEAD of the times to lead, and win.”
– Jay Shubel