ISO (Registered) Partners





Data Genesis offers Registered Independent Sales Organizations a turnkey marketing, back office and technical solution. Partnering with Data Genesis gives you the freedom to manage your business your way without having to develop your own infrastructure.

Payment processing has become a complex knowledge based business requiring expertise in technical solutions, industry specific platforms, third-party applications, back office support, Brands requirements, interchange, government regulation, PCI Security, IRS reporting, customer support and marketing, to name a few.

Data Genesis will put you in business with the most powerful compensation plan in the industry and provide all the above components leaving you free to sell and build a merchant base without the worry of additional overhead and day to day management.

We Pioneered Multi-Affiliate Residual Compensation (MARC™)

The development of our proprietary compensation plan required three years of research & development, legal preparation and programming. No other company in America or Canada can offer you the use of our breakthrough MARC Compensation Plan and Tracking System with your own branding.

Features and Benefits

  • Maintain Your Own Brand
  • Next Day Funding Options
  • Dedicated Relationship Managers
  • Access to Your Merchant Portfolio
  • POS Terminal & Technology Solutions
  • Complete Terminal Deployment
  • Leasing Solutions
  • Same Day Approvals
  • World Class Support
  • General Industry Education
  • In-depth Interchange & Pricing Training
  • Access to MARC Tracking System

Registered ISOs interested in partnering with Data Genesis are invited to call the Vice President of Marketing at 855.295.8500 for a temporary passcode to view our proprietary compensation plan.