As a former airline pilot, I wanted a new career that would compensate me for hard work and merit. I found it in the payment card industry with a company that will go above and beyond anything anyone can ever imagine to support them and deliver clients the very best customer service.

John J. Romano III

All of my life, I have dreamed of wealth and an abundant lifestyle. But like most people I have not had an opportunity or the means to achieve these dreams. That is until now! Data Genesis is a brilliant new business concept that is available to anyone who wants to make their dreams come true.

Patricia Bonner

I have never had a 401k or any kind of savings that I could retire on so Data Genesis is my future and it looks wonderful. All of us little folks finally have an opportunity to earn like those who had advantages all their lives!

Sue Yennerell

Every year, the credit and debit card industry grows by millions. Data Genesis is the first of its kind to help people like you and me participate in this industry while earning significant income and long-term wealth. It’s not just my company; it has become my home.

Mark Syracuse

In the 2 plus years I’ve been with this company, I can tell you they are the best. The best to work for and an excellent way to earn a living. Not only are they a great resource for me, but for my clients. No question goes unanswered. It’s rare that a company truly is sincere in helping customers save the most money they can on our products. But, it is even rarer that a company is proactive in my future. Data Genesis will be my future!

Steven Arnold

I have had customer contact throughout all of my careers in the Heavy Equipment Service industry, but none as rewarding as working for Date Genesis Corporation. This is an organization with a very supportive staff to insure our success as Independent Business Managers (IBMs). It is very rewarding to know we have the support of their entire staff when needed. Following their teachings on how to succeed in the card processing business instills the needed confidence for each and everyone one of their IBMs to achieve unlimited success.

Robert (Bob) Campagna

We have done business with John Romano and First Interstate Bancard (now known as Data Genesis) since September 2008. The customer service that we have received has been outstanding. John makes an effort to stop by the store to check in, keeps us up-to-date with an changes that may have occurred and looks over our account to make certain we are getting the best rates.

We would definitely recommend that you use John Romano for your credit card processing.

Wendy L. Miller

Tribute to a Great Man

Earl Layton joined our sales team in early 2008. It quickly became evident this nearly 80 year old man had the heart of a champion. By early summer, Earl became a contender for the Top Gun Award, honoring the highest achieving sales professional in the company. Late in 2009, we were saddened to learn that Earl had been diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

The last time I spoke with Earl he told me that he was too weak to sit up and could not even lift a glass of water. Consistent with his character, he unnecessarily apologized for his inability to call on merchants. He said, however, that he was still working and was applying what little strength he had left to recruiting new IBMs, and in fact, was expecting a new candidate to arrive at his home within an hour to review our compensation plan. That was the last time I spoke with Earl. I later learned that Earl passed away before he could do the presentation.

Great companies and great people tend to find each other. It was an honor to know Earl and count him as a member of our family. He made us better and inspired us to set standards of excellence that others often dismiss as unreasonable. Earl’s legacy will live on as part of the Data Genesis revolution. To honor his memory, we have created the Earl Layton Award for Outstanding Achievement. It will be presented to any IBM who surmounts significant challenges and wins against the odds.

Every time I think of Earl I smile. He made us better and contributed to making us what we are today. The day I have the opportunity to present the Earl Layton Award will be one of the proudest days of my life. I can’t wait.

Jay Shubel
Chief Executive Officer